Wella Koleston Perfect Color Chart

    color chart

  • a chart displaying colors
  • A listing of paint samples of available exterior paint for a vehicle.
  • In color-related fields, a color chart is a physical arrangement of standardized color samples, used for color comparisons and measurements such as in checking the color reproduction of an imaging system.


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wella koleston perfect color chart

Caran D'Ache Neopastels – Color Chart – xxiv.i.xiii

Caran D'Ache Neopastels - Color Chart - xxiv.i.xiii
I haven’t used these oil pastels for a few years, so I made a new color chart to refamiliarize myself with all 96 shades. I very nearly shed 96 tears trying to establish some order here. Now they look as fresh and lovely to me as old friends I haven’t seen for a while.

The order of arrangement is the same as you see in my previous post of the box of colors. Every time I approach a color chart, I take a new route. This time around, I’ve begun with the lightest warm colors working stepwise toward darker and cooler shades. There will be a few errors in my color temperature decisions. After the 95th tear, I decided to call it quits and give my eyes a rest from trying to evaluate minute changes between some of the subtler neutral and darker tones. The order of arrangement follows below.

Warm yellows, cool yellows, yelllow ochre, raw sienna
Warm oranges, cool oranges, raw umber and browns
Warm reds, cool reds, burnt sienna, English red, burnt umber
Warm violets, cool violets
Warm greens, earth greens, warm to cool greens
White, warm grays, cool grays, blacks
Warm blues, cool blues
Gold, bronze, silver (I’ve never use these metallics, maybe some day I’ll kick some a** with them)

color chart

color chart
Color chart – Cartella colore
Choose your color – Scegli il tuo colore

From left to right/ Da sinistra a destra

First row/Prima riga
1. Ivory/Avorio
2. Nougat/Torrone
3. Honey/ Miele
4. Mustard/ Mostarda/Senape
5. Honey shades/Sfumature miele
6. Light Orange / Arancio chiaro

2nd row/seconda riga

7. Orange/arancio
8. Lemon/Limone
9. Salmon shades/Sfumature salmone
10. Blush pink
11. Pink Shades/Sfumature rosa
12. Antique pink/ Rosa antico

3rd row/terza riga

13. Coral/Corallo
14. Dark red/Rosso scuro
15.Rockabilly (mix rosso e nero)
16. Lavender/ Lavanda
17. Purple/Viola
18. Deep purple/Viola scuro

4th row / quarta riga

19. Light Blue/Azzurro chiaro
20. Powder blue/Blu polvere( cipria)
21. Antique blue/ Azzurro antico
22. Peacock blue/Blu Pavone
23.Teal shades / Sfumature Verde-blu
24. Teal / Verde blu – Foglia di tè

Last row – Ultima riga

25. Mint green/Verde menta
26. Aqua shades/Sfumature acqua
27. Grass green/ Verde prato
28. Sage green/ Verde salvia
29. White/Bianco
30. Black/Nero